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The Power Hour

The Power Hour

If you are in need of social media marketing advice in a bite sized chunk… this could be for you.

Entirely bespoke to your business needs this involves anything from setting up your social channels to stalling Facebook Ad campaigns. Armed with your details which I will have received prior to our session, I can prepare and refine what you need in advance, making the most of the hour we have available to us. Usually held over Zoom video call, you can refer back to this recorded session for your reference.

The Coaching Package

The Coaching Package

Whether you are starting out, or struggling making headway with existing campaigns, this support package is the one for you.

Do you find navigating Facebook Ads Manager a nightmare?

Is campaign analysis something you constantly put off?

Do you want to work with someone who knows what they’re doing in Ads manager?

Lets plan out a campaign strategy that really starts to achieve results for your business.

What you get

What you get

Benefit from some 1:1 support from an expert to help nurture your Facebook and Instagram ads over a 4 week program.

The Coaching Package is a block of three hours support. After the initial Power Hour, you can use the remaining 2 hours within the month whenever you choose.

Check in twice a week over the 4 week program to be guided through the data, monitor the performance and get help optimising your ads.

  • 1 initial power hour
  • 2 additional 1hr sessions on Zoom
  • Expert 1:1 advice with a plan to move forwards.
  • Recordings of the calls so you can refer back to the advice
  • Email check-ins / support once a week


Choose your investment

The Power Hour


One-off fee

  • Get advice / Make a plan
  • Fix annoying issues
  • Top tips

The Coaching Package


  • A deep dive into Facebook marketing
  • Either for beginners or those that already have experience with ads
  • Tailored to your level and needs
  • Guided support to ensure you get results

Coaching Review

Coastal Social offered my start up business some ad campaign training and it was nothing short of brilliant. It was clear, informative and succinct. I walked away understanding the process and was quickly able to build audiences and run ads. Highly recommend!

Alex Yiaxis, Nommos Gallery | Coaching client

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